Arch Linux


I’ve just put Arch Linux on the Aleutia E2. I had to use the unofficial Archboot ISO, as the ‘official’ arch installers (both the .img intended for installing from a USB stick, and the .iso for burning onto a CD-ROM) both dumped me into the grub prompt when booting the E2. Both booted to the linux prompt when I booted from the images on an Asus EeePC. The Archboot distribution is a complete base system, so you end up replacing most of the files when you upgrade the distribution after installing. The ‘official’ boot images are ‘ftp/http’ installers so you get the up to date packages as you install. The Archboot image is available on all the Arch Mirrors in case you need it.

Once booted into the installer (using my trusty and ancient Iomega external CD drive) I just followed the Arch Beginner’s Guide and it (sort of) worked. I went for the LXDE desktop, and got caught by the fact that the LXDE package does not include openbox itself, so you end up without a window manager! What I should have done was

pacman -S openbox
pacman -S lxde

but all sorted now. The E2 does seem slightly snappier than with Debian Squeeze, but the YouTube videos still won’t play (I think I’m being a little ambitious for a 500 MHz 32 bit processor). I can (and am) listen to the flash audio streams from Magnatune though, so here is a little Lute music from Joseph Herringman.

Now I need to sort out getting British English keyboard layout working in X (its fine at the command prompt) and downloading the biggies (OpenOffice &c).


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