Arch Linux is often recommended because of its speed. I had just resolved to print the installation guide when I saw this article on K.Mandla’s blog.

I shall attempt to install Arch on the spare partition on the E2, just basic system, xorg, dwm, firefox and the flash plugin. If the result can cope with a YouTube video I shall donate £25 to the Arch project. Below is my standard test YouTube…


2 Responses to “Arch”

  1. Grant Wagner said

    As is usual with flash videos on my netbook, the processor can’t keep up with the video at all. I personally blame it on Adobe’s horid closed source plugin. However, I’ve learned a little trick.

    Start playing the video, then pause, and wait as the entire video is cached. Keeping the browser open, look in the /tmp folder. You’ll find a file that starts with Flash, and ends with some random characters. Copy this file elsewhere, to prevent the plugin from deleting it as it browses away. Play with mplayer (vlc or totem will probably work just as well).

    Sure beats playing with those downloader toys. Seems to work with all flash based video sites as well.

  2. sohcahtoa said

    Interesting recipe. I’ll try it on the E2. But I would like to squeeze enough cycles to have it ‘just work’.

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