Ubuntu Jaunty Standard


Ubuntu standard on an AMD dual core box

Ubuntu standard on an AMD dual core box

Using Ubuntu Gnome Jaunty Jakalope, aka 9.04, on an ASUS Pundit AH1 quiet desktop PC. Dual core, 2.4GHz, integrated graphics (NVIDIA but picked up by ‘restricted drivers’ tool). Compiz works, and provides an Expose style view of all four virtual desktops (I don’t like the cube).

Most things ‘just work’. Sound has problems, managed to get sound recorder, record my desktop and audacity working. Audacity works if you set the sample rate to 48Kb/sec.

I’m using Firefox 3.5 (having enabled the PPA repository in /etc/apt/sources.lst) and performance is noticeably snappier than Firefox 3.1. I have a full installation of ffmpeg and the firefox Easy Youtube Downloader for converting YouTube videos to WMA format. The College where I teach has a firewall that blocks YouTube to protect students, but staff want to use the good stuff in their teaching.

It is really nice that you can get most of the software you need for normal everyday tasks for nothing on a system that is secure and that is updated regularly. Rock On.


2 Responses to “Ubuntu Jaunty Standard”

  1. Grant Wagner said


    I’ve been reading your site now for a short time, and I wanted to introduce myself. I also strive to run Debian as light as possible, although I don’t think I’m working on it quite as well as you. I’m currently running on a Asus EEE 1000 ha, which isn’t that far from the p3 that you’re working with, despite the fact that it’s new. Netbooks are so much better than trying to find good used computers now that I’m out of college and no longer have that friendbase to pull from. Most of the reseoo stores are theives as far as I’m conserned.

    I started with a base install, just the basics. Added, x, fluxbox (no file manager), slim (very light weight firefox (iceweasel), liferea, alsa-utils (I use the command line alsa mixer), wicd, audacious, and mplayer. My usual base applicatoins.

    I generally use the goffice suite instead of open office, but I use a true version of each so rarely, that I often have both uninstalled.

    I use mpd on my home server to listen to music, and it works very well on fixed libraries. It’s also a service, with many very nice clients to control it, many of which as command line based and some are even web based. So it’s very light when just playing music on system resources.

    I’m very interested and work with as light as a system as possible, as I want to eventually move to the Arm based BeagleBoard. http://beagleboard.org/ At the same footprint, roughly the same performance and close to the same price as the Aleutia that you’ve just picked up, it sips at most 2 watts of power. I already emulated the system and have debian installed on a SD card for a server replacement.

    Thanks and keep on with the great work.

  2. sohcahtoa said

    Hello Grant

    Thanks for the feedback, I’m putting all this together from forums and howtos myself at present.

    That beagle board looks interesting, although I note that it is uncased and that you have to add a network card. I shall keep an eye on that one! Let us know how you get on with it.


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